Friday, November 8, 2013

The awesome power of women!

Women are usually deemed to be the weaker lot but many a time, it is the women who can bring about a tremendous change in this troubled world of ours. Recently some 50 women met at the Bukit Kiara Selangor Club for a ladies gathering and to celebrate the 11years of how God used a few dedicated women to do a major good for the poor in the Klang Valley region.

While toasting the 11th year blessings of God, the ladies of TDDI church led by Bee Lian also made it a point to invite Jumble Station co-founder Mary Anne to share how they can continue to be the catalyst for good among the poor single parents and those still mired in poverty.

She also shared on how God’s plan will always triumph over man’s plots especially when one works and moves in faith and total trust. She shared how a resident committee member’s devious plan to oust JS from the Jati condo where we were renting storage space or alternatively to double the rental of the store was foiled when 7 of the 8 team members voted not kick out JS nor to raise the rent after watching a presentation of how JS truly helps poor families and single parents in the neighbourhood and within the Jati area itself.

For the women of TDDI church we appreciate your resolute efforts to bring joy to deprived lives, hope to the fearful and love to those ignored by others. To all women involved in changing lives for the better – JS salutes you!

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