Tuesday, November 26, 2013

IBU Group helps JS poor single parents

Jumble Station received a helping hand during the weekend with the donation of RM640 worth of Tesco shopping vouchers for its planned Back To School programme on Dec 14. IBU which is the support and play group for mums and their kids, wanted to do their bit for the single mums and single dads under our care and the shopping vouchers will certainly come in very useful to offset the high cost of purchasing items for their children in preparation for next year’s school term.

Each single parent will be given RM150 shopping voucher per child to enable them to purchase two sets of uniforms, a pair of school shoes and school bag. Last year, JS discovered that the RM100 given to the hard core poor single parents was barely enough to cover the purchase of uniforms and shoes and now with the increase in the cost of school related items, it was felt that RM150 per child is a more realistic figure indeed.

JS had been invited by the IBU Group to participate in its year end Christmas Bazaar at Chitta Mall, last Sunday and we were happy to bring along some of our single parents and their kids for this special event. IBU Group’s chief Pippa and community affairs co-ordinator Nazia were present to hand over the vouchers to single dad Hasrun, single mum Jajah and Sumathi as well as kids Farah Nisha and Farah Diana and little Nasir.

What was also nice was that at the end of the Bazaar’s sale, some of the unsold items were handed over to JS as part of IBU’s donation and several of the items proved really useful for some of our single parents. Little Nasir for instance was gleeful with the small skateboard he saw among the pile of items while Sumathi took several toys for her toy happy little boys. Lori driver Yun took a couple of boy centric board games for his three boys while Farah Nisha and her sister Farah Diana were delighted with story books and little bags. For the IBU Group, we at JS say “Terima Kasih” for thinking of our single parents in their year-end hour of need.

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