Saturday, September 19, 2015

Classic Cars Merdeka Charity Event 2015

It’s not just adults that love to take a ride in a classic car, little kids too find it absolutely fascinating and when Merdeka Day came this year, the little children of poor single parents were once again invited to attend the Classic Cars Merdeka Charity Event in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. While waiting for the different cars to gather, the children and their minders who were gathered near the Crystal Crown Hotel, found themselves entertained by a group of young adults from the global organization, Peace Road. To garner the patriotic spirit, they had the children singing Malaysian songs including the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ and ‘Kita 1 Malaysia’, followed by funny actions such as the chicken dance and finding the numbers game. Naturally to ensure the kids don’t go off hungry, they were treated to light snacks and drinks before they joined the convoy heading towards Subang Jaya. Waving small Malaysian flags, the youngsters and adults entered fully into the Merdeka spirit even as they posed for innumerable photographs. Upon arrival at SS15 Subang Jaya, an area next to Public Bank they were greeted by Subang Jaya V IP Hannah Yeoh, who gleefully joined the children in another round of sing-alongs, flag waving and Merdeka cheers once again! The vintage car drivers then took the children all the way to Lake View Garden where they were entertained by two balloonist creating fascinating balloons in various shapes and sizes. When asked about the vintage ride itself, Shahlini,12 and her sister Trishini, 10, both daughters of single mum Rathna , says she was very happy to have the ride. Mohammad Ridzuan ,9 also felt delighted to be part of the vintage ride, his eyes portrayed his obvious happiness. To round up the totally 1Malaysia children group, Matthias, Elijah and Isaac, three sons of single mother Jayapratha also were happy with their ride because this time, they got to try a different vehicle. What made it interesting for the trio was the fact they had a very interesting conversation with the driver about their future! After which, token in kind was given out to respective homes, PWP received a generous amount RM4500.00 in which will go on to help the smum/dads who needs it the most in this current situation! The event was capped off beautifully with the handing over of a cheque as a donation to PWP’s co-founder Lim Lian See who gave a short speech of thanks to the organising committee for including our children in their annual vintage charity ride.

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