Saturday, September 26, 2015

Eye opening visit to Gardenia Bakeries for single parents

Bread is the kind of food that even the poorest of the poor can afford to eat in lean times but how many of the poor folks do know how to bake their own bread? Hardly any so it was no surprise that when Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd sent an invitation to PWP’s single parents to visit its factory, many single parents and their kids jumped at the chance. A total of 36 children and 14 adults arrived at the Gardenia Product Manufacturing plant at Lot 35, Persiaran Sabak Bernam , Kawasan Hicom (Section 26) Shah Alam at 10am on September 19 and were greeted by Gardenia’s marketing assistant Aida Fahima Mat Shah who acted as tour guide and translator for the hour and half tour of the place. First off was a short corporate video presentation on the manufacturing, delivery and distribution of Gardenia bread itself. There was also a short briefing on rules and regulation pertaining to the tour including the fact that no food or drinks are allowed inside the premises and no crossing the yellow line while walking as well as no touching the glass window while viewing. This is to ensure the plant is left clean and uncontaminated. Inside the factory, visitors could see first hand the various huge machines making and preparing the dough, kneading them, slicing them, filling them with cream and packaging them all. Both adults and youngsters were in awe at the use of the many different kinds of machines in all shapes and sizes utilised mainly for their specialized skills and the fact that the machines are kept in tip top condition and capable of running non-stop for 24hours, 7 days a week! The entire bread making process was a marvel and Aida was quick to share information and translate at the same time so that everyone understood the intricate process of Gardenia bread-making and bread marketing. The knowledge gleaned came in really handy during tea time when a Q&A session was conducted but a key question she posed on “what is the unique symbol in Gardenia Bread’s logo” had everyone stumped! Answers like the colours, the shape and the people who made the bread all proved wrong until PWP helper JR blurted out it was the flora – the tiny flower that is on the alphabet “i” in the word Gardenia instead of the usual dot that is its trade mark significance. Other Qs raised by PWP visitors included such issues as those raised by Farah Ain “what happens to bread that is rejected” “Rejected bread are sent to the National Zoo.” Emilda wanted to know if GST is imposed on all or some of Gardenia Bread and can old bread be freezed in the fridge? “GST is imposed on all except for white bread and old bread should not be kept in the fridge since it will attract mold and fungus.” One curious kid raised this sharp query “Why is Gardenia bread expensive?” “In reality, the price is the same but pricing is dictated by market and retail factors that comply with the law.” The plant visit ended with each visitor given a goody bag containing a Gardenia loaf, buns, muffins, chocolate spread and others, all freshly baked by Gardenia Bakeries. While the kids were falling over themselves walloping the goodies, the single parents themselves expressed satisfaction with the fact that they finally have a clearer idea of what goes into the making of Gardenia Bread and the plant visit was truly informational for all of them indeed.

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