Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Deloitte delightfully prepares Reading Station

Most people connect Deloitte with all things financial specifically auditing. Yet there is a softer side to the number crunching organization and this was made evident recently when it sent a team of young Deloitte financial whiz to do some community work for the poor. Appropriately named Impact Day, the team of 20 youths led by Ms Jes Lua, Assistant Audit Capture Managerin Deloitte Malaysia chose to help with the preparations for Reading Station, a project designed to assist the children of single parents and poor children in the Angsana low cost flats at Subang Mewah, Subang Jaya. Reading Station is aimed at encouraging poor youngsters to learn English, enjoy reading and more importantly, bringing English books to them directly for free. The help that Deloitte youths offered included helping to paint the walls of the Reading Station , painting interesting murals on the walls, fixing and placing the shelves to hold the story books, painting the walls outside of the 2nd hand shop Jumble Station, panting both the folding gate outside the both Reading Station and Jumble Station. Jes who had not known of PWP and its focus on poor single mums and single dads felt it was timely to reach out these folks but little did she know that this would be the most challenging community centric project Deloitte had ever taken on. JS manager Adrian Ong was on hand to open the metal doors and the lack of electricity due to faulty wiring saw all of them sweating from beginning to the end. While the women did the painting, the men did the carpentry and got the book shelves all ready for the many story books that was eventually placed on them. The team’s choice of the mural was also interesting - two children seated on the grass are reading a book and the act of reading increases the imagination, knowledge and eventually will spark the youngsters into wanting to learn and enabling them to someday becoming a graduate Painting and carpentry aside, the Deloitte team were told about what PWP and JS stood for and more importantly, what the Reading Station hopes to achieve as well. For many of them, the efforts put in for that day alone will prove mighty useful for the intended targets and their efforts will not go unappreciated indeed.

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