Saturday, September 19, 2015

Microsoft’s timely ‘software’ gift for poor single parents.

When Parents Without Partners Bhd (PWP)’s single parents were told Microsoft Malaysia had a gift for them for the Hari Raya season, it was understandable if they thought it would be computer related items. If it was, it would not have been very practical for them because to all these poor single parents feeding their hungry brood tops their list of priorities before anything else. So it came as a total surprise for 23 single parents under PWP’s care to be gifted with a huge box filled not with IT products but with groceries including such staples as a large packet of rice, cooking oil, tinned foodstuffs and other daily essentials. The gift box coming close on the heels of Hari Raya proved to be a timely blessing especially in view of the fact that prices of monthly necessities had shot up since the imposition of the GST while the income of single parents were stretched really thin. The amount of stuff in the box was sufficient to last an extra month and for those who wanted to cook extra for family members who were visiting, they at least had something to offer their guests. Their testimony of the timeliness of Microsoft’s gift for the 2015 Raya festive season is evidence enough. Take single mum Juliana, who works as a nurse in PPUM while supporting her 3 children. She struggles each month to meet her financial overheads and is forced to work extra to earn that extra money needed.. So when Microsoft gave her that gift box, she was absolutely thrilled. “Alhamdulillah, thanks a lot to Microsoft, this gift helps to cut down my high cost of living and enables me to have a better Raya this year,” she said. Another grateful recipient was Aszuridah a single mum, who sells’ kuih’ with her mom and doubles by doing some babysitting as well just so she can continue supporting her 3 young children. She admits to undergoing severe emotional depression over her plight, but Microsoft’s generous gesture has brought some measure of joy during the Raya season. Single mum Hasnita who lives with her sister and her two small children was bubbling with happiness over Microsoft’s surprise gift. She earns a small income selling cakes and ‘nasi lemak’ and felt so touched that staff from a big IT centric firm like Microsoft would consider her plight and step in to assist. To these and other poor single parents under PWP’s care, who are most often overlooked or ignored by big corporate bodies, the hand of friendship and assistance from software giant Microsoft was an unforgettable gesture of kindness, an act they are so very thankful for.


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