Sunday, December 9, 2007

Looking back - why the need for JS

Turn your ‘trash’ into cash for those in need.

Money is hard to come by for most people. It’s worse for the 100 plus Single Mothers we know, who are struggling to bring up their children on very little cash each month. Jumble Station, a second hand shop was set up to enable you to make a difference in the lives of the poorer ones and make all without costing …well a sen!
How is that possible? Donate your unused, unwanted things. We will turn your 'trash into cash' by selling these affordably to the poor folks and the money generated will be used to assist those poorer off then they – specifically the Single Mothers meet their daily needs or learn to become a little more independent. Jumble Station is located at F1-01-05, Angsana Flats, Subang Mewah, USJ 1, Subang Jaya (5 mins drive from Giant Hypermarket in Subang Jaya ) Selangor

Rationale for Jumble Station

A more sustainable funds generator:
This shop lot acts as a permanent and will be a more sustainable form of fund generation instead of us always having to ask for an outright cash donation each time a need arises. The proceeds of this shop, will be utilized to assist those in need, specifically the 150 and growing number of single mothers currently under the Shelter Home Network
Why now: Many charities, Shelter Home included, are very dependent on donations and ad hoc fund raising activities to fund their programmes. The current economy makes fund raising harder and places high burdens on companies that are also caught in this economic crunch. A more regular source of funds generation makes sense.

Why a second hand business?
The second hand business offers the best possibility because almost everyone has something they don’t want in their homes or places of work. Then too, many people are more willing to donate things they don’t need or want than to give cash outright. By turning ‘trash’ into cash, we are helping people to dispose of their unwanted stuff while generating the funds to really help those who are in need. Thrift shops possess an enduring appeal both abroad and locally evidenced by the success of Cash Convertor, Buy-Sell Trade and Salvation Army stores as well as the many little flea markets that dot the Malaysian bazaar scenes. The fact is, the cost of living is rising while incomes are not, Jumble Station helps to stretch the ringgit while
reaching out to those in real need.

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