Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday at the Legend Hotel Mary Anne, Lian See and I went down to that hotel to witness the launch of a charitable event for the Shelter Honme's Single Mothers Network and the kids from El Shaddai charity home. It was quickie event, purely to inform the members of the press that this charity drive has been launched and calling on the members of the public as well as companies to donate for a good cause. The pre-Christmas event had the children from El-Shaddai and the single Mothers kids all singi ng Christmas carols like Jingle Bells and We wish you a merry Christmas, just to kick off the right spirit of giving for this Christmas season. Do check out for yourself for the pictures speak a thousands words.

I do not believe it , RTM needs so many for just an interview?

We went to pass out JS flyers to the people living in the other blocks... door to door delivery so to speak!

Jumble Station, the newest kid on the community outreach block and a great place to be for the poorer folks at Angsana Flats. It is designed to raise funds from the sale of used items and serves its purpose by helping the single parents where they need most - money! The other aim is to help the poorer community stretch their limited budgets. JS acceptsthings that are in good condition or repairable condition from those who might otherwise throw them away. JS policy is to give to a single parent in need any of the items for free if they have a need for it (after all, they would have to pay a hefty sum otherwise!) failing which, the items will then be converted into cash once it is sold off cheaply to the low cost dwellers within and around the area. There is no discrimination on race, religion or creed, a single parent in need will be given the aid once it is ascertained they are truly in need. For now, most of the single mothers are from the Shelter Home's Single Mothers Network but we're gradually expanding the number to include any that is brought to JS attention. The response from the Single mothers and JS customers are great. This means we need more items. Those who have stuff, do contact JS co-founders Mary Anne Tan (01-2202958) or Lian See (012-3871757) or Sanice Yap (016-2732000) for delivery or collection (big bulky items like TV, fridge, washing machine etc).

Hindraf and bersih supporter @ jumble station

These are the cupboard that are to be sold. Intrested do contact me. Thanks.

Signing off
Jon Cool :)

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