Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Ho Ho Hooray Party for JS

JS first party was a runaway success and all glory must go to God because he’s blessed us with a great turnout and it was balmy weather all the way. Some 90 people turned up for the event which was held both inside the shop premises and just outside at the car park itself.

From early on, we had customers who willingly volunteered to help us with the preparations, from the clearing of clothes and books etc to the hanging up of the lights and balloons. What’s even funnier was the fact that some customers took it on themselves to dress in red and white and told others that that was the party’s dress colour code – a few actually came in those colours – and to support the impromptu festive spirit, I too wore red, white and black as well!

Some CG members and extended CG family (Cheng Kang and How Far from Kota Kemuning) lent their vocal support to our Christmas caroling followed by Pastor Joseph from Sharon, a customer’s church.
The event was made more special by the presence of our staunch JS supporters and donors Corrine, Robbink and his gang of merry men and women while Lian See managed to rope in a couple of Single Mothers to make the guest list complete.

The food, beehoon, rainbow rice, fruits, tidbits, cakes and syrup drink was catered by JS customer Fazila who runs a school canteen. The generous donation of RM1,000 from Lillian and Joyce Raymond made it possible for the whole party to take place.
Over all, the fun and joyous gaiety was obvious and adults, kids and single mums all had a roaring good time as the carollers sang the gamut of songs in English and Malay - from Joy to the World to Rasa Sayang and Geylang Si-Paku Geylang. The pictures taken speaks a 1,000 words. To all who helped make this 1st ever JS party a resounding success, God Bless U all!

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