Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

Hey, JS has its first White Christmas tree that is! Thanks to JS supporter from Singapore Bin Lee who learnt of our need to decorate the store itself, we’ve been blessed with an all white Christmas tree and adornments in red and blue, making the tree really a standout from all the greenies that’s so common.

Was hoping to have Bin Lee around to help unpack the tree but she wasn’t feeling too well so Dominic, the husband of one of our customer Melini stepped into the breach. Fact is, he was more than eager to help dress up the tree and while we’re not exactly the kind of tree decorators you’d hire in a flash, I must say it was a great team effort indeed and when Bin Lee dropped by a day or two later, she was pleasantly surprised to see how the twinkling lights and shiny decorations did indeed lend a new and refreshing sparkle to JS.

Which was a good thing because customers were already asking when JS would have its own Christmas tree up instead of the miniscule tree that Julie had agreed to lend us and was placed ontop of a display cabinet just so it wouldn’t get accidentally ‘drowned’ by the number of clothes available if it had been left standing so forlornly on the floor.

As it is, Bin Lee’s gift of a tree was really handy and ‘outstanding’ and once we can get the shop tidied up for the December 29th Rasa Sayang Christmas party, the tree’s fully lit impact will be more obvious. Here’s a pix of Bin Lee admiring the penguin snow man that has the words “Jesus Loves you Snow much” really cute decorative toy!

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