Sunday, December 9, 2007

Rumble on the Jumble

We're planning our first Christmas celebration at Jumble Station and we'd originally planned it for Dec 22 but customers were quick to point out that many won't be able to make it since they'd still be away for Hari Raya Haji which falls on Dec 20. So to ensure maximum participation, the date was shifted to Dec 29 at JS itself from 6.30pm till 8.30pm.

Getting MPSJ approval is another thing. Apparently there are two groups, correction, three gangs controlling USJ1 and to avoid disruption from any of the trio, we were advised to get a permit from the MPSJ. Guess what, after filling in detailed information in triplicate, mind you, I took it along to the MPSJ official only to be told that if I wanted to sing carols, I'd need approval from the entertainment department, if I wanted to erect a tent, approval had to be obtained from the buildings department and if I wanted to have the tent, tables and chairs placed in the carpark space, well approval had to be obtained from the maintenance department which was upstairs! Sheesh...our civil servants really know how to discourage someone from planning anything...

At any rate, the girl must have seen the worry on my face and told me in not so many words not to hold my breath for the approval to come especially since it entailed getting it from three different departments so the best and most expedient way is to just hold the party within the confines of JS itself and 'kita pun tak kacau'.

So there you have it, its gonna be one cramped party where JS regular customers will get to meet some if not all of the single mothers' we're helping and some of our very responsive JS supporters. What's great is that we've already got one JS supporter Lillian who's managed to raise RM1,000 to fund the celebration, thanks gal!

For now though, our worry is finding the Christmas decorations to get that Christmassy ambience as well as the gifts for the kids, the single mums and possibly even the parents of these kids. Oh and yes, anyone out there have a Santa suit to lend us? Chee Leong already has the girth to fit this charming character of mirth so all we need is a Santa donor to complete this celebration of Christ's birth!

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