Thursday, February 14, 2008

Introducing the Trade Up 4 JS charity initiative

Happy Valentine to all JS supporters... Hey... the game... Trade Up for on from today. It's a first ever for a Malaysian online charity initiative, it's new, strange, bold, audacious yes, and its success depends on you. Your keen and continued participation in this innovative, digital way of reaching out to the masses will make or break this effort.
How do you participate - easy! Just snap an item that is of higher value than the one JS is posting on the Trade Up 4 JS forum and put a short description of the item and post a pix of it on the forum. If JS likes the item, we have a "Trade" or a swap. After that the items gets couriered for free by GDEX and JS now puts the newly traded item online and the game continues... until JS gets the van it needs...
JS kicks off this charity drive with a RM5 toy train (batteries not included :)) U game?

Read the press release prepared for more details:

Subang Jaya, 14 February 2008 - A train for a van? Anyone want to Trade Up for charity?

Jumble Station (JS), a community outreach initiative with a singular vision to help Single Parents in need, has launched today, its online charity drive called Trade-Up 4 JS.

Trade-Up 4 JS is where one swaps an item for something much better. Patterned after the one red paperclip where Kyle macDonald actually traded a paper clip for a house in Canada, Trade-Up 4 JS aims to barter trade upwards among Internet users in Malaysia until it achieves its objective – swap for a van!

Trade-Up 4 JS is aimed at assisting Single Parents in need, generate greater awareness of their plight and ultimately highlight the need for a van to carry the Single Parents to events organised for them and to collect bulky donated items.

The van is needed to ferry the Single Parents that Jumble Station has been assisting as and to collect big items that are donated such as washing machine, refridgerators etc to Jumble Station.

Jumble Station will post a toy train on its blog and participants are invited to click on the Trade-Up 4 JS forum where they can post the item they want to swap so long as the item offered is higher priced or better than the one posted by JS. This will go on until JS’s objective is achieved –a new or good condition van is swapped or given!

GDEX, a courier company with offices all over Malaysia has agreed to deliver for JS the traded item from JS to the chosen participant, for free in Malaysia only. an online job recruitment firm, will promote this online charity drive to all its 1 million plus subscribers so that they can have a crack at this audacious charity initiative. Both companies believe in partnering with JS on this initiative as part of their effort to leverage on technology to do good to those who most need it..

Trade-Up 4 JS wants individuals and firms to participate in the game just for the fun of seeing exactly where its going and how long it will take for JS to get what it wants.
So snap a photo of the item you want to offer for Trade-Up and lets see where this game leads to…Jumble Station is also looking for corporate or individuals willing to sponsor an item or two on the Single Parents Wish list which can be fulfilled each time an item is successfully traded up.. so any takers out there?

For more info call/sms: Mary Anne Tan 016-2202958 or email:

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