Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to play the Trade UP 4 JS game

It takes a few good souls to bring about change and Jumble Station needs you to create the climate of change, a change for the better for Single Parents in need of a van.

For the benefit of those who want to know:

What is Trade Up 4 JS (Jumble Station)?
Trade Up 4 JS is where one swaps or barter trade an item for something that is always better than the one being posted online by JS.

Where do I find the link to Trade Up 4 JS?
Click on the animated Trade Up 4 JS link, go to Trade Up 4 JS what is it and click on add reply, type in your message, upload your pix and you’re done or email to your pix of you have problems uploading the pix.

How does one play it?
Jumble Station starts the game by offering a toy train. You offer another item or items that are more worthwhile or valuable than the toy train and tell us what’s so special about the item or its condition

So how do I post my item?
Take a clear, sharp photo of the item and upload your photos, use image hosting services such as Photobucket or Imageshack to host your pictures and add their url in your post. Give details where possible about its history or what’s so special about the item. put it online then link your url to this forum or send it via email to To

Who decides what gets chosen?
Jumble Station (manyants) has the last say on what gets picked.

What do I do if my item is chosen?
You can drop the item off at the nearest GDex office or have someone from Gdex pick it up from your office/home. Address it to: Jumble Station F1-01-05 Angsana Flats, Subang Mewah, USJ 1, Subang Jaya 47620, Selangor, Malaysia
GDex will pick up the bartered item from Jumble Station and courier it to the address you provide.

How will I know if my item is picked?
You will receive an email and an SMS notification if your item is selected.

When should I send the item that is selected?
Within one to two days at most

Who pays for the delivery?
GDex as the delivery partner in this game will deliver only, the chosen item to JS and vice versa, for free.

Who can play?
Subscribers of ( and anyone from Malaysia (free delivery) or abroad (delivery at one’s own cost).

How many items can I post for Trade-Up 4 JS?
As many as you like and as often so long as the item has not been picked or the price is not lower than the item being posted online. All due items must be in good working condition.

Where is the nearest Gdex office for me?
Check out the Gdex website which is on this blog as well.

Why should I participate in Trade Up 4 JS?
You alone can make the difference in one Single Parents life beginning now.
Then too, it’s never been done in Malaysia before. It’s a fun, exhilarating way to trade your unwanted stuff while helping Single Parents who are in need.

What’s in it for Single Parents?
Each time a trade is successfully made, we’re hoping a corporate body or an individual will donate an item from the Single Parents’ wishlist.
The van is needed to ferry them for monthly networking and other special events. There is greater awareness of their plight and their special needs.

How does Jumble Station benefit from this?
The van can also be used to collect donated items, especially bulky, big ticket items like a fridge, washing machine, air-conditioner, furniture etc for the Single Parents in need and for the 2nd hand shop.

Who is behind this initiative?
Check out:

When does Trade-Up for JS end?
As soon as someone or a company offers us a van that is good working condition or better still, new! So the faster you participate, the faster can JS’ objective be achieved!

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