Sunday, February 10, 2008

No one lives in such poor conditions these days ...

Or do they?
Single mum Goh Chew Teng, 30 and her four children plus her elderly mother certainly do! The shack looks about ready to fall apart, the roof is held up by zinc pieces and cardboard slabs

while her bathroom is… doorless and walless! The electricity and water is ‘tapped’ from a neighbour’s house for which they have to pay RM30 a month just for utilities alone!

They have been living in this rented shack in Klang ever since her husband died in September 27th 2007 of liver and kidney failure. The children, three boys (aged 10, 7 and 6 years) and a daughter age 4 make it impossible for Madam Goh to seek employment outside the home because having lost their father, they fear now not seeing her around with the youngest son, a premature child, clinging to her the most. This is made it really tough for Madam Goh and having to care for her elderly mother makes it even harder because the children don’t want to be in the care of the old lady and she is too old to go out to work.

Jumble Station learnt about Madam Goh’s plight from some concerned church members in Klang and we have since been able to bless this family with clothes, toys and cash to meet their most immediate needs. Today, she and the kids were driven to JS by Julie another single mum from Klang so that she could pick the items she needed for her family.

At JS, Madam Goh was presented with a hamper donated earlier by JS supporter Wendy who had persuaded her boss to donate the CNY hampers he received this year to single mums. Julie Tan was on hand to give the hamper to Madam Goh on behalf of Wendy & her boss. JS was also able to give the Goh family some angpows and a cash donation to make CNY a really special one for this very needy family. The kids were delighted to get bikes, bags and toys to keep them occupied while mum tries to do her household chores.
JS is now trying to get a cupboard or two to them so their clothes can be kept in there instead of being piled onto a mattress and other things that they may still need. It would help too if we can get them a better accomodation or improve their existing living conditions while attempting to get some at-home work for the mother, failing which JS has suggested that items can be sent over to her house and she can take these stuff to sell to her neighbours or at the nearest marketplace. We’ll keep you posted on what transpires….

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