Monday, February 18, 2008

JS junior takes shape

Meet Chandra Babu, a single father of 9 children (7 boys and 2 girls) whose wife died some three months ago. Babu's two daughters are living in Shelter Home but the 7 boys are living at Desa Mentari Sunway flats with their dad Babu. Babu has for the last 7 years worked as a lorry driver collecting scrap and recycle items. There is just one snag - he doesn't own a lorry and must depend on using the one belonging to his sister-in-law, if it is not being used by her family. Now however, with the scrap business booming, he doesn't get much chance to drive the lorry and must needs pay around RM50- RM80 to rent lorries belonging to the others. That has made it really tough for him indeed making him late in paying for his rent this month as well as his utility bills.

JS has been able to assist Babu financially in various ways - first by paying for his trip to send the wife's ashes back to Ipoh, assisting with monthly grocery needs and giving them the cash needed to pay the rental and utilities bills that were due. JS is trying to assist him with getting a second hand lorry of his own which can then be used for his own scrap collection as well as to tranport items for the JS recycle store and from the store for onward sale. Now however getting a lorry on a long term basis is what's needed the most to keep his growing kids fed and secure a better future for himself.

JS is trying to assist him in this matter and is also helping him to get birth certificates for all his 9 kids so they can be eligible for school aid and welfare. Aside from the lorry, Babu also needs a washing machine so that he and the oldest boy won't have to spend too much time washing clothes.

Meanwhile, he is seen here helping Mary Dass the coordinator for Desa Mentari's 20 single parents to set up a tuition centre (2 rooms) and JS Junior in the hall of the flat itself. The tables and chairs were part of those donated by the Lotus Restaurant group just after we agreed to rent the Desa Mentari flat to help the Single Parents there be more financially independent.
DUMC member Robbin Khoo a loyal supporter of JS was on hand to assist with the setting up of JS Junior...Antz

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