Thursday, February 21, 2008

A leg up from the NST

Hey JS was featured on the Street pages of the New Straits Times titled " A Worthy Cause." We were able to share with the reporter Sri Priya what was special about JS. Turns out she was from my old alma mater (old school) CHIJ and we got on very well. Anyway she was really touched by what little we've managed to do in such a short time and what's nice was that she could interview some people on the spot - CG leader Robbin Khoo who had dropped by to visit JS and Ita the tailor who is a customer of JS as well as a Pakistani guy who has been more than happy to buy a television set from us before. What's really great about the write-up that appeared in yesterday's paper is that it highlights the needs of Single Parents succinctly especially that of single father Chandra Babu and get this... just hours after the paper hit the streets, I received a call from a Mrs Siva who wanted to assist Babu by buying him a brand new washing machine. She did just that and had the shop deliver it to JS where we will then arrange for it to be sent over to Babu's place so that I can photograph his boys' surprise and happiness!

And that's not all one other reader Josephine also called to offer assistance and I highlighted the fact that Rainah who lost her husband Jerry Rambayan from drowning while spear fishing in an abandoned construction site just a month ago, also needs a washing machine so that she can focus on doing other things for her 4 boys. Jo so graciously and generously agreed to get her a brand new washing machine which is set to arrive tomorrow so watch out for pictures of their surprised looks thanks to these kind souls...we have many more Single Parents in need of items so check out the Single Parents wishlist to see if you can bring some joy into their lives...Antz

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