Friday, February 15, 2008

A photo upload glitch

Cheryl from PJ emailed me to say she couldn't post a picture of the item she wants to offer on the Trade Up 4 JS forum last night. According to my web expert only those whose pictures are on a url can do so or the non tech savvy folks can choose to do it the usual way - just drop me a mail with an attached photo (clear pix) to and I'll post it on the blog.

Here's what Cheryl wrote: "I want to trade my stuffed Dalmation Lucky for your train. This is to wish you all the luck in your drive to get a van for single mothers. Lucky is worth RM20 at least, I know he will bring you luck. I tried but cannot post the photo so I will email to your gmail address - Cheryl, graphic artist from PJ

Well Cheryl, my apologies but these are teething problems and little glitches but thanks anyway for your resourcefulness in ensuring that Lucky gets his er.. day!
So it looks like Lucky's the top dog right now gunning for the JS train, any others wanna trade up for charity...we will wait a week to give others a chance before deciding which item the JS train will be traded up for. So don't wait, play on...Antz

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